the most important conversations

you’ll have are with your fingers

rupi kaur


How do we bring joy and nourishment into our touch engagements? How can we expand consent training into navigating interactions based on ecstatic pleasure? Somatic Sex Education brings the body back into the conversation on healing, on moving past trauma, on enhancing our experiences beyond mediocre. The Happy Touch movement is dedicated to bringing loving connection into our lives.

“Immediately after our session I felt calm, peaceful and comfortable in my body. It was essentially the same post-tx feeling I get from a massage, when a practitioner has provided me with a calm space to unravel somatic fear.

The following day I went on a hike with my partner and could feel my hips and pelvis “move” better and felt more proprioceptive ability. For example, jumping over big rocks and stepping over gaps in boulders – my left hip and pelvic floor felt more engaged, almost butterfly-tingly as I moved.

Emotionally, I felt more encouraged to seek connection and compassion for my trauma and injuries. I felt like working with you was a big jump off point – being direct in asking for help. Reducing shame has been a focus of mine for the past few months, particularly around having a female body and feeling forced into “playing along” with that identity.It’s ridiculous, and not a belief that a hold, but something I feel has been instilled in me – “men” should be sexual, “women” should be prudent. I’ve struggled with the virgin-whore paradigm my whole adult life, and all the while feeling too masculine in my sexual brain, but feminine (meek, shameful, undeserving) in my body. A battle of thought vs action.I felt like during our session I was cognizant of this struggle, and as you asked for direction, guidance and assertion of what I wanted, I managed to somehow walk down the middle of these polar beliefs. Does that make sense? Instead of fearing the outcome of being too “anything”, I trusted in your professionalism and compassion to provide a safe environment to “just be”.”

Testimonial from Y.

“Just wanted to let you know that my experience working with you two is still unfolding powerfully! The wheel of consent framework is such a simple concept, but looking through that lens reveals so much that can often get lost in subtleties. [My partner] is really loving it as well and there has already been a big shift in how we communicate and relate to each other and others.”

Testimonial from Happy Client