In the light and heaviness of the #MeToo conversations, it is time to begin to re-evaluate our understandings of personal interactions. Using Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, Somatic Sex Educators Cosmo Meens and Caitlin K. Roberts, will facilitate a discussion and journey of understanding the dynamics of relating.

How can we utilize this conversation on sexual assault and harassment to propel us forward into a place of great joy, pleasure, compassion and empathy for the socialized scripts we are all working to re-write? How do we practice noticing the textures of our interations? How can we check in with both ourselves and those we are engaging with to make sure everyone is aligned in their exploration of pleasure?

Come join us for this free workshop on Sunday, October 29th, 4 PM – 6 PM at Metta Yoga, 1303 Broad St, Victoria, BC.


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