Overcoming Infidelity

The aftershock of breaking trust within a relationship can be debilitating; is this a moment where betrayal can act as a springboard to build strength and resilience in your relationship. Happy Touch team leaders, Caitlin K. Roberts & Cosmo Meens offer this 5 day intensive to Relinquish the Story; rebuilding and restructuring your relationship to bring light and joy back into each other’s lives. Over this series of days, we will dive deep into the foundations of relationship, undo stories that no longer serve you, and guide you in reframing what your relationship means to you. Using tools from The Gottman Institute, Betty Martin, Esther Perel, we invite you to rise with your challenge.

By the end of this intensive, you’ll have the tools to move forward and navigate your relationship from your personal truth.


Time never exists on it’s own. It’s what happens in it. You have to give it meaning. You have to shape it.

Esther Perel, author of The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity