Happy Touching, The Basics

“I have done a few different types of retreats with similar topics, put on by various teachers of alternative backgrounds, ranging in cost from$30-$6000, all in a 6 month period. Although I began this journey of self discovery with hesitation, when I saw Happy Touch’s two-day workshop in Canada just 5 days away, I knew […]

Happy Touching, The Basics

“I walked into the 2-day workshop with a fair amount of anxiety about what to expect. This fear was immediately quelled by the folks at Happy Touch, who created a space that felt warm, welcoming, and most importantly safe. The information was incredibly valuable and shared in an engaging and playful manner. Learning this stuff […]


“Caitlin K. Roberts and Cosmo Meens created a truly amazing and powerfully safe and generous space to share their profound teachings and passion for human pleasure this weekend!! Wow!!! Highly recommend that all humans that believe and desire pleasure and want to gather skills to unlocking your unique body’s requests connect with these two and […]

Testimonial from Y.

“Immediately after our session I felt calm, peaceful and comfortable in my body. It was essentially the same post-tx feeling I get from a massage, when a practitioner has provided me with a calm space to unravel somatic fear. The following day I went on a hike with my partner and could feel my hips […]

Testimonial from Happy Client

“Just wanted to let you know that my experience working with you two is still unfolding powerfully! The wheel of consent framework is such a simple concept, but looking through that lens reveals so much that can often get lost in subtleties. [My partner] is really loving it as well and there has already been […]

Testimonial from Kira

“In terms of the somatic body work, it helped me identify how I experienced my body and my mind as two different entities. I realized my mind is often not grounded in my body. I would get anxious and overwhelmed in both work and relationship scenarios and it would feel like my mind was floating […]

Testimonial from Dylan

“I have been attending 1-to-1 somatic sex therapy since the middle of the summer and last week I completed my fifth session with Caitlin. In the past couple of weeks, Caitlin has helped me unlock things in my body and mind that I was completely unaware of. The changes I have noticed in such a […]