Testimonial from Kira

“In terms of the somatic body work, it helped me identify how I experienced my body and my mind as two different entities. I realized my mind is often not grounded in my body. I would get anxious and overwhelmed in both work and relationship scenarios and it would feel like my mind was floating away, with my body left behind. Oftentimes, that anxiousness looked and felt the same in both the sexual and work scenarios, but I had never made that connection.

Once we identified those scenarios, how my body reacted and how it felt, [my practitioner] gave me exercises to help bridge my mind and body, and to help calm myself before the anxiousness sets in. I have put this practice to use many times at work and in relationships with my family and friends and I have found it is extremely grounding and helps me get through the day. I have yet to put it into practice with another person in a sexual context. While I know that is going to be a unique challenge, I have a wellspring of experiences in other contexts to draw upon, and the verbal skills to be able to talk about my anxieties in a safe and healthy way.

Altogether, [somatic sex education sessions] have given me a toolbox with which to examine my boundaries both within personal relationship and work relationships. I know this work is lifelong, and I am so glad I can turn to this work when I want to move on to the next-step, or help ground myself in the practice I am currently doing. The relationship we have with our minds and bodies is the most important relationship we will ever build. [My practitioner] is helping me build that relationship literally from my head to my toes, from my mind to my soul! I am so grateful I have her as a resource and would recommend her to anyone looking to build a relationship with themselves and others.