Testimonial from Y.

“Immediately after our session I felt calm, peaceful and comfortable in my body. It was essentially the same post-tx feeling I get from a massage, when a practitioner has provided me with a calm space to unravel somatic fear.

The following day I went on a hike with my partner and could feel my hips and pelvis “move” better and felt more proprioceptive ability. For example, jumping over big rocks and stepping over gaps in boulders – my left hip and pelvic floor felt more engaged, almost butterfly-tingly as I moved.

Emotionally, I felt more encouraged to seek connection and compassion for my trauma and injuries. I felt like working with you was a big jump off point – being direct in asking for help. Reducing shame has been a focus of mine for the past few months, particularly around having a female body and feeling forced into “playing along” with that identity.It’s ridiculous, and not a belief that a hold, but something I feel has been instilled in me – “men” should be sexual, “women” should be prudent. I’ve struggled with the virgin-whore paradigm my whole adult life, and all the while feeling too masculine in my sexual brain, but feminine (meek, shameful, undeserving) in my body. A battle of thought vs action.I felt like during our session I was cognizant of this struggle, and as you asked for direction, guidance and assertion of what I wanted, I managed to somehow walk down the middle of these polar beliefs. Does that make sense? Instead of fearing the outcome of being too “anything”, I trusted in your professionalism and compassion to provide a safe environment to “just be”.”