The Basics

February 3 – 4, 2018, Victoria, BC

This is the level one pre-requisite course to attending further Happy Touch retreats. Register here. 

Join Happy Touch team leaders and somatic sex educators, Cosmo Meens & Caitlin K. Roberts, on this two day course for using consensual touch as a tool for building intimacy and accessing pleasure in your body.

We invite you back into your body to connect with your innermost wants, needs and desires, aligning your body, mind and heart in this exploration of innate pleasure. The foundation of our work is based on Betty Martins “Wheel of Consent.” We will provide the structure and tools for each individual to create a safe container for themselves, where we will explore interactive, pleasure-based, consensual touching. You are able to witness and/or participate only as you desire to do so. This is a level one pre-requisite course for any further Happy Touch events/retreats/courses.

This workshop is an excellent resource for:
– Massage practitioners
– Yoga teachers
– Bodyworkers
– Sex educators
– Teachers
– Community leaders
– Anyone who is looking to deepen their communication, boundary and consent skills

Over two days we will dive deeply into understanding the foundational principles of touch interactions by:
*Learning how to ask for what you want (and figuring out what you DO want)
*Say no to what you dont want.
*How to begin and continue to develop a positive relationship to touch
*Set and define your boundaries
*Honour and celebrate your erotic energy
*Learn new tools to access deeper bodily awareness and pleasure through breath-work, movement, touch, and communication.


$265/person, $500/couple
*To make our courses financially accessible, we offer sliding scale rates to those who require it.

What to bring: 
Please wear comfortable clothes with layers.
This event is clothing optional.
Food and water for your bodies nourishment and hydration- there are plenty of places to eat in the surrounding area.
A journal for notes and inspirations.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Cosmo or Caitlin, or send an email to

Caitlin K. Roberts is a founder of Happy Touch, a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Alternative Porn Producer from Toronto. She is renown for her Body Pride workshops, which began in 2011 and her work in developing the feminist alt-porn company, Spit. To see more of her work, visit her website at

Cosmo Meens is a founder of Happy Touch, and a certified Somatic Sex Educator. He has much of his training in the culinary world being a chef and restauranteur, exploring the connection between food, health and pleasure and more recently taking his interest in this topic to another level, training as a Sexological Bodyworker.


“I walked into the 2-day workshop with a fair amount of anxiety about what to expect. This fear was immediately quelled by the folks at Happy Touch, who created a space that felt warm, welcoming, and most importantly safe. The information was incredibly valuable and shared in an engaging and playful manner. Learning this stuff then immediately putting it into practice was beautiful, and I really felt confident that I understood the tools thoroughly. Cosmo and Caitlin’s passion in this field really shone through, and by the end of the workshop, I didn’t want to leave! I left feeling truly transformed. I highly, highly recommend this workshop – it has completely changed the way I approach every relationship in my life. Thank you Happy Touch!”

“I have done a few different types of retreats with similar topics, put on by various teachers of alternative backgrounds, ranging in cost from$30-$6000, all in a 6 month period. Although I began this journey of self discovery with hesitation, when I saw Happy Touch’s two-day workshop in Canada just 5 days away, I knew that regardless of the extreme effort it would take, logistically and financially in that amount of time, I had to do it. The facilitators go above and beyond in not only making their presentations open, welcoming and accessible, but relevant and knowledge packed to meet each attendee where they are. Out of all of the similar work I have done, I would trade every moment for their first 2 day retreat all over again, as I still sit here with my mind blasted wide open and ready to return to Canada.”